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21 Oct, 2021 /
"Versatile and wonderful Chenin Blanc" presented by Rebecca Gibb
14 Oct, 2021 /
Gabrielle Vizzavona
Interview with David Moroz, economics researcher specialising in the Whisky market
[Insights & Analysis]
13 Oct, 2021 /
Gabrielle Vizzavona
Is Sauvignon Blanc the new Chardonnay
[Tasting & Knowlegde]
13 Oct, 2021 /
Gabrielle Vizzavona
What is the new normal for digital wine and spirits marketing?
[Business & Marketing]
/ 17 Jun, 2021
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An overview of solutions for improving online sales presented by Vinocamp & La Wine Tech

The Covid pandemic gave a huge boost to the development of e-commerce. Now a full-fledged distribution channel, what are the solutions and good practices for securing a good position in this outlet? The ecosystem of innovative Made in France start-ups provides some answers.

Thomas Dayras, CEO Matcha Wine 
Erwan De Barry, CEO Twil
Lionel Cuenca, Directeur Général délégué & Co-fondateur d’iDealwine
Laurent David, Chairman La WineTech 
Arnaud Daphy, Co-Organizer Vinocamp

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